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Advantages of Metal Cladding Panels

The construction sector has over the last few decades gone through a lot of transformations and developments. The way contractors undertake construction projects has changed greatly. Today, architectural wall cladding is the in-thing among many residential homes, apartments, skyscrapers and hotels construction companies. Many people have also invested massively in the cladding projects. No one wants to be left behind in embracing the benefits of this unique construction technique.

If you are among the many people who still don’t know what cladding entails, and want to learn more about this construction application, worry not. It is a great technique whereby one material is applied over another material to provide a layer of skin. In simple terms, cladding is all about connecting together different metals through a distinctive and compact technique.

Architectural metal cladding has become the fad among many real estate companies and homeowners looking to improve the look and the general insulation of their properties. For any building to stand out, experts in the construction sector are opting for cladding as a way to make the buildings look more modern and minimalistic.

To make the cladding project a success, you have to gather robust information on how this technique can impact your property. You also have to look at the many options available for your project to stand out. Significantly, you have to choose which cladding product is perfect for your construction or remodelling project.

You cannot just think of applying the cladding technology to your property. There is a lot to keep in mind in order to excel in your cladding project endeavours. It can be a daunting and demanding project, you need to be of sound mind in order to succeed. More so, there are a number of things to take into account. Have a look;

1. Plan

For your cladding project to be a success, you have to plan, organize and control the execution of the project. You have to prepare a master plan and put this plan into the time schedule. In essence, a project plan is a key facet that will determine the success or failure of your project.

2. Find the best contractors

For your project to be a success, you need to find the best cladding experts to deal with. This should be professionals who are well-versed with the task ahead. Go for contractors who have undertaken cladding projects before and they were able to satisfy clients’ needs and requirements.

3. Budget

Budgeting is a crucial facet in any construction or property remodelling project. To hit your targeted budget, you have to analyse, design and document your entire budget. Don’t forget to add any unexpected costs. You can compare your project with other past cladding projects and use it as a model to guide you. Be transparent about your budget, especially if you are dealing with project managers.

4. Materials

House cladding is one of the latest construction techniques that many property owners are going for, you should be cautious when it comes to cladding materials for buildings. To get your cladding project right, you have to pay much attention to the material you intend to use.
To make a comfortable decision on the best material for your cladding project, you have to look at the pros and cons of the common materials used in this kind of projects. The common cladding materials include; metal, wood, stone, bricks and vinyl. Metal is the number one cladding material as it guarantees many construction options than any other material that you opt for.

Metal Cladding Sheets

Benefits of metal cladding panels

You don’t have to take months or years figuring out which material is the very first choice for your cladding project. You may have used wood or timber, brick or stones as well as vinyl for most of your cladding. But, do you know how amazing and exceptional metal cladding panels are? Probably not.

You need to make metal your number of cladding option. There are incredible merits of using metal when it comes to cladding buildings. They include;

● Durability

There is no better cladding material option that can beat the durability of metal panels. Metal panelling is great for wall, roof and deck cladding. Metal provides a strong surface that can hold or overcome easy damage upon impact from flying objects or harsh climate. Metal panelled cladding also provides buildings with a means to resist water damage, corrosion as well as unexpected electrochemical reactions.

Whether used for both interior and exterior cladding purposes, your entire building will have an extremely long lifespan than when you opt for other cladding material like wood or drywall. Why should you go for a cladding material that will cost you more funds on unnecessary repairs and home renovations? Trust metal for its durability.

● Versatility

Metal is a versatile cladding material that you can use anywhere in your project. You can use metal panelling on your exterior and replace heavy wall cladding material like concrete or bricks. You can use metal to cover the entire exterior, or you can use the panels on specific portions on your exterior to give it a new look or add some contrast.
You can use aluminium cladding panels to create roof deck and even for small changes or details like soffits, trim and fascias to add contrast. You can also replace conventional cladding materials like wood or vinyl in your interior with metal panelling to create long lasting and strong interior walls. Metal lining offers you an opportunity to experiment and create rustic, sleek and modern looks.

● A wide range of finishes and styles

Metal cladding sheets come in varied styles and finishes, you should opt for the best all the time. You should always go for a style or finish that will improve the look and value of your building. The panels you want to blend into your exterior or interior can have varying textures, unique ridges, or can be flat depending on one’s preferences.
The most common panels came with natural metal finishes, designs painted with different colours, clear coated designs, as well as composite panels. You can also choose panels with diverse shapes and sizes, but go for what will accommodate your intended cladding project. The cladding panel designs, styles and finishes that you choose should increase the aesthetic value of your building in general.

● Highly malleable

You should not have second thoughts opting for metal building panels because of their incomparable malleability. Unlike concrete or wood panels, metal can be bent and stretched to create complex and distinctive shapes or even three-dimensional designs. Metal panelling is incredible as contractors get the opportunity to engineer these panels for installation into desired shapes.

● Easy to install

Construction is daunting, demanding and challenging project that can be quite costly if you are not prepared. If you opt for metal panelling in your project, you have to consider what the installation process entails or demands. Luckily, metal lightweight cladding systems are easy to install.

Metal is great for lightweight cladding as it presents contractors an opportunity to effectively install the panels as fast as they can. They also come with unique and specialized fastening systems making it easy and fast to install the panels.

● Budget-friendly

You have to come up with a well-prepared and detailed budget before you undertake any construction project. It is wise to go for a cladding material that will save you less money from the start to the completion of the project. Metal sheet cladding is the best option to go for, as it is considerably cheaper than using other cladding material.
The cost of concrete and wood panelling may slightly differ from using metal. However, the major cost difference emerges when you look at the cost of maintaining metal linings and their durability. It is cost-effective to maintain metal exterior or interior panels than concrete or timber walls, and they also last longer.

● Highly sustainable

Metals are also made of post-consumer recycled products. This is a characteristic that makes steel cladding panels environmentally friendly and the best option for house cladding. You can also use steel or aluminium panels at the end of their life in other construction projects as they are easy to recycle.

This is a great opportunity for contractors and investors to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment. Used cladding can also be a better way to save more money that can be used in other home remodelling projects.

● Varied choices of material

Many property owners can only think of steel or aluminium panels when planning their cladding projects. There are other choices of metal lining materials that can aid in the completion of cladding projects. If you are not into steel cladding, you can also opt for panelling designs made from zinc alloys, copper and even stainless or galvanized steel.
For your exterior, you can go for panelling material choices like zinc, aluminium or galvanized steel as they are resistant to corrosion. Whereas you can use stainless steel and copper to enhance the aesthetic value of your interior.

Final Thoughts

While looking for roof cladding panels or cladding designs for your building project, you need to research and consult widely. Significantly, you have to put versatility, durability, affordability and ease of installation of the cladding material into consideration.

Metal is the best cladding material option to go for all the time. However, if you find the entire cladding project challenging, it is wise to seek professional help. Tritec Building Contractors are here to help you. We are specialist cladding contractors covering the UK. Contact us today for more details.

advantages of metal cladding

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