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What is Commercial Roof Cleaning & What are its Benefits? [Infographic]

Has the roof of your building or home become an eyesore because of ageing, dirt, moss and grime? Would you like to restore your roof’s appearance without burning a hole in your wallet?

If yes, roof cleaning services are here to the rescue. A competent industrial roof cleaning service can make your roof look just like new. Such a commercial roof cleaning service relies on primarily four roof cleaning methods to bring back the lustre of your roof, viz. high-pressure jet washing, low-pressure steam jets, blast cleaning and hand washing. As apparent from the name, high-pressure jet washing involves directing a high-pressure stream of water onto the dirty roof. Likewise, a steam jet uses low-pressure steam instead of high-pressure water to clean your roof. But if the dirt and grime on your roof are hard set, roof cleaning contractors generally recommend blast cleaning. The technique involves blasting a jet of tiny abrasive particles against your roof. The particles’ abrasive action removes the most stubborn blemishes and gets you a spanking clean roof. However, if light dirt and early-stage moss are your biggest concerns, a hand wash using a hard-bristle brush and moss scraper would do just fine. Most commercial roof cleaning services offer roof hand washing at an affordable price.

But why pay for roof cleaning services in the first place? For starters, you can save money by spending on a roof cleaning service. That is because professional services use certain roof cleaning products and equipment that are expensive for one-off use. Roof cleaning and treatment also extends the life of your roofing and makes it more beautiful. In fact, it’s routinely included among the top tips to increase the value of your property.

If you’d like to know more about how your roof can be restored to its immaculate best, get in touch with us today. Tritec is among the top companies that offer roof cleaning in the UK. But we are not limited to cleaning roofs. Our other services include cladding cleaning and replacement, roofing coating and replacement, anti-corrosion treatment and gutter cleaning and lining.


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