GUTTER LIning system

Gutter Lining System

Alongside our liquid coating system we offer an alternative option with gutter lining. We use the leading gutter lining system in the UK, which is made from incredibly strong thermoplastic blend. It is engineered specifically for the gutter environment, resistant to mechanical damage, highly durable, and weather-tight, it withstands foot traffic and is UV resistant maintaining its performance integrity for the full life cycle of the building. The gutter lining is a great option especially when gutters are heavily corroded, liquid coatings are not always suitable where as gutter lining is and can be installed in damp or light rain conditions all year round. Our approved installers are ready and waiting so please call our office today to arrange a site visit for your gutters.

BENEFITS OF gutter lining



"We employed the services of Tritec for the installation of Plygene gutter lining. The installation of the liner was faultless and completed in good time. The team in the office managed the project superbly, we look forward to the next project."

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