DELCOTE® HPG is an elastomeric membrane, with vapour breathable properties suitable for application as a protective weatherproofing coating to completely coat the gutter surface. It has excellent elastic and flexible properties to withstand normal surface movements and is unaffected by UV or extremes of weather and temperature. UV makes coatings hard and brittle, limiting their ability to expand and contract resulting in loss of adhesion. DELCOTE® is completely and naturally resistant to sunlight and UV radiation, ensuring enduring flexibility and adhesion. DELCOTE® repels surface water promoting flow and discouraging the formation of ponding and standing water.

HPG Gutter Refurbishment



Review on HPG Delcote Gutter Refurbishment

"We contacted Giromax for an approved contractor to carry out our Giromax works, Tritec was the contractor they put forward to us. Tritec was very professional in quoting in a timely manner and their attention too with the Giromax works was very impressive. The new coating to the roof and the gutter has made a real impression on our client. Great job!"

Nick - Faircloth Construction

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