A very popular service at Tritec. Commercial and industrial box profile guttering is quite often neglected and can lead to leakage, blocked gutters overflowing and corrosion. But we have you covered, our surveying team can visit your site and offer the best solution for your gutters, from cleaning to gutter lining. We work with the leading manufacturer of gutter liquid coatings in the UK and all operators are approved contractors. You will also have the benefit of all gutter protective coating systems being guaranteed.


The Problem - Gutters Performance Deteriorated

Whereas profiled roofing and cladding sheets cause of deterioration has an acknowledged pattern, gutter condition and performance is dependent upon a wide range of factors and the result of this deterioration can vary. Steel gutters always vary in thickness due to the level of galvanising that was applied at the factory. All gutters performance is determined by drainage. The contained pollutants is standing water, the silt and plant growth, and previous applied coatings will all have a bearing on the level of deterioration. The course of deterioration can only be discovered through thorough gutter cleaning and thoroughly inspected.

The Solution - Protective Liquid Coating Systems

To confront this issue, we use the leading manufacturer liquid coating systems that have silicone protective qualities for lining the gutter substrate. With its excellent elasticity properties, it is able to resist normal surface movements and its unaffected by UV or extremes of weather and temperature.

Gutter Liquid Coating Systems

The systems we use can be applied by a brush or roller to structurally sound substrates that are clean, dry and suitable for re-coating. Prior to an application a peel adhesion test will be undertaken to establish if the surface is suitable. Furthermore a primer may well need to be utilised if bitumen is present.

Tritec Building Contractors Ltd have long standing relationships with our manufacturers and as approved contractors we guarantee to provide the highest standards of work due to our in depth knowledge of their products gained through many years of on site experience.


Benefits of Liquid Gutter Coatings


Principal Contractor Review

"We use Tritec for the majority of our roofing and gutter coating works. This is because they always complete their work to a high standard with no complications. Our business relationship will continue for many years to come."

Bradley Tooley - 8th August 2016

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