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Have you started to notice that one of your business premises’ roof lighting systems has diminished in terms of quality, letting less light into your premises? If the answer is yes, then you may need to consider the options for your rooflight and its future. It could simply be a case of cleaning it and restoring it to its former glory. However, if this is not a possibility, then replacing the rooflight could be the best option.

Over time, GRP roof lights become tired and worn, and this begins to have an impact on how they work. When this happens, the best thing that you can do is contact us, as we have a specialist rooflight replacement team that can help you to determine what the issue is and how to effectively deal with it.

How do you know if a rooflight replacement is needed?

The first step to determining whether your business premises GRP Roof Lights can be cleaned and restored or whether you require rooflight replacement is booking one of our on-site surveys. A team of our specialist surveyors will come out to you to assess your rooflight, and explain to you what they would recommend doing and why.

Our on-site surveys are conclusive and take into account every possible option in terms of the best way to move forward. Wherever possible, we always try to recommend having GRP roof lights professionally cleaned by our team before choosing to have them replaced. However, in some instances, it is clear that this option will not give successful results, which is why we recommend a full rooflight replacement, instead of trying cleaning first.

If GRP roof lights are cracked or damaged in any way, then we will have no choice but to replace it with a new one. However, as far as possible, we always try to be open-minded and consider all of the options when it comes to restoring GRP rooflights to their full working order.

How does a rooflight replacement work?

As part of the high standard of service and customer care that we always endeavor to provide for our customers, we usually have a team of engineers ready to undergo roof light installation within just a couple of days. We understand how precious your business premises is to you, which is why we always try to ensure that we are able to fit a rooflight replacement as quickly as possible so that there is as little impact on your premises as possible.

GRP Roof Lights allow natural sunlight to enter your business premises, reducing the cost of your energy bill, due to not needing to use synthetic lighting as much, and also not needing to use as much heating, as sunlight acts as a natural form of heating. So we understand why, when GRP roof lights break or get damaged, our customers expect the issue to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, which is something that we always endeavor to do - deal with any issues promptly.



GRP Roof Lights Testimonial

GRP Roof Lights Replacement - Hayes

"We required the services of Tritec for the installation of new GRP roof lights at our project in Hayes. The roof lights were installed to specification and in good time, a very professional job."

Peter Seex - 20th October 2016

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