Case Studies

Redwood Contractors, Egham

Clifton Road Industrial Estate

The original factory applied plastisol coatings to the steel cladding sheets had started to perished due to years of degradation owing to UV exposure and general weathering.

Redwood Contractors, Egham

Thorpe Industrial Estate, Egham

A full liquid roof overcoating using AkzoNobel Steel Seal to the complete roof area.

Mail House, Kempston

Mail House, Kempston

Commercial Building Envelope Refurbishment.

BT Fleet, Southampton

BT Fleet, Southampton

Commercial Roof Refurbishment

edgware bus station

Amazon Distribution Warehouse, Croydon

Full Cut Edge Corrsion Treatment with Giromax Seamsil 100 system, backed with a 10 year guarantee Area 1500 Linear Meters.


Spectrum Leisure Centre, Guildford

Installation of 7200m2 of Giromax Architectural Delcote 20 year roof over-coat system

Chineham Gate Basingstoke

Technibond, High Wycombe

Full Cladding Over-Coating refurbishment with Giromax Girocote System, backed with a 10 year guarantee.

edgware bus station

Elgin Industrial Estate, Swindon

Installation of Giromax Architectural & HPG Delcote to the metal corrugated pitched roof and metal box gutters. Also included was the removal of all penetrating vents and replaced with profile matching roof-sheets.


Direct Windows Ltd, Swindon

Installation of Liquasil Metalseal 20 roof over-coating system and Liquasil Glaze Protect roof-light treatment.

Chineham Gate Basingstoke

Kassam Stadium, Oxford

Full Giromax Seamsil 100 Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment.

edgware bus station

St Johns Retail Park

Full metal corrugated roof and gutter over-coating works with installation of Giromax HPG & Architectural Delcote systems. All works backed with 10 & 15 years respectively


Golz, Northfleet Enterprise Park

This project consisted of a full refurbishment of the external building envelope which included over-coating the metal profile roof, cladding, gutters & shop front façade. Existing roof-lights were also removed and replaced with Filon 8oz GRP roof-lights.

Chineham Gate Basingstoke

Juniper West, Basildon

A requirement for a full overhaul of the cut edge corrosion and metal box guttering with Giromax Seamsil 100 and HPG Delcote systems respectively.

edgware bus station

Enfield Retail Park, Enfield

Tritec supplied labour for the application of Liquasil Metalseal 20 to the existing profile metal roof coverings – area 9792m2.


GAH Heating Products Woodbidge

Full refurbishment of profile metal roof and vertical wall cladding with Liquasil metalseal system, including 20 year guarantee.

Chineham Gate Basingstoke

Chineham Gate Basingstoke

Installation of Giromax Architectual Delcote system to metal roof and Plygene gutter lining to existing guttering.

Crown House Milton Keynes

Refurbishment project including Seamsil cut edge corrosion, Seamsil 300 cutter joint treatment and installation of GRP box profile roof lights.

Brookside Ind. Est. Littlehampton

Full metal roof re-coat with Liquasil metalised system and pressure cleaning to front facade, including 20 year guarantee.

Oxford Brookes University

Tritec were appointed by elevation maintenance to install Liquasil metalised roof coating and Liquasil one gutting lining to existing substrates.

Delahaye Moving Ltd.

Refurbishment of the existing metal roof with the Liquasil metalised roof coating, including 20 year guarantee.

VW Showroom Scarborough

Tritec were appointed to install the Seamsil 100 cute edge corrosion treatment, including a 10 year guarantee.

Pets at Home Waterlooville

Cut edge corrosion treatment was required. Tritec installed Giromax Seamsil 100 system with a 10 year guarantee.

Imperial Way Croydon

A full Giromax Seamsil 100 cut edge corrosion treatment installed including a 10 year guarantee.

Hayes Bridge Retail Park

Refurbishment of composite cladding panels with a Giromax Girocote coating system, including a 10 year guarantee.

B&M Croston Retail Park

Full profile metal roof re-coat with Liquasil metalised system and installation of Plygene gutter lining to box guttering.

The Sterling Centre

Full profile metal roof refurbishment with Giromax architectural Delocate re-coating system, including a 10 year guarantee.

Rutland House Swindon

Full roof and gutter refurbishment. Installation of Giromax architectural Delcote, HPG Delcote and Delglaze treatment.

Riverside Ind Est. Littlehampton

Metal wall cladding projects. Front shop facade required a fresh look, tritec were appointed to install Giromax Girocote system.

Birstall Shopping Park

Installation of Giromax Delcote architectual metal roof coating to existing substrate including a 15 year guarantee.

Brantano Lakeside

Giromax specified works to existing roof and gutter substrates. Including architectual Delcote, HPG Delcote and Delglaze.

B&Q Mansfield

Refurbishment of existing metal roof coating with Giromax architectural delcote system, including a 15 year guarantee.

Keuhne & Nagel Midpoint Park

Tritec were appointed by Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd to install Giromax Seamsil and HPG delcote gutter treatment.

Chippenham Drive Milton Keynes

Full rook and gutter spec for Liquasil product installation including roof re-coat, gutter lining and cut edge corrosion treatment.

Poundland Barnstable

Refurbishment works to existing roof and gutters with Giromax delcote systems.

Woodside Ind Est Bishop Stortford

Full Giromax specified works including roof coating, gutter lining and rooflight treatment. High pressure cleaning to entire building envelope.

GE Warehouse Skelmersdale

UK waterproofing solutions appointed us for the installation of Tritec Seamsil 100 cut edge corrosion treatment, including a 10 year guarantee.

Ransomes Europark Ipswich

3645m2 metal profile wall cladding refurbishment with Giromax Girocote including a 10 year guarantee.

Premier Park, Park Royal

Full profile metal roof re-coat with Giromax Architectural Delcote System including a 15 year guarantee.

World Cargo Centre Stanstead

2600m2 Giromax Architectural Delcote roof coating system installed by Tritec.

Old Fields Ind Est Stoke

Paragon Contractors Ltd appointed us for the application of Seamsil treatment and replacement of no.18 vertical wall cladding panels.

edgware bus station

Edgware Bus Station

Refurbishment of the existing profile metal roof and box guttering with a Giromax Delcote coating, including 15 year guarantee.

J D Sports, Avonmead Retail Park, Bristol

Installation of 1000m2 of Giromax Girosil RC, Brett Martin Triple Skin Rooflights and elevation cladding refurbishment