Industrial Metal Wall Coating

Tritec Building Contractors Ltd are specialists in the application of sprayed on site metal wall coatings. One of our expert surveyors will complete a free full no obligation survey, providing bespoke protective cladding cleaning and cladding coating solutions for your company building. A professionally well coated facade will leave that all important first impression of your company. Our skilled and trained spray technicians can provide the look you desire, and with all installed coatings guaranteed you will have complete peace of mind.

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There are many reasons as to why coatings fail, these include:

Prolonged exposure of a coating to UV light, can cause the coating paint to harden and become brittle. This limits the coatings ability to expand and contract with the substrate, negativity affecting its adhesive qualities and resulting in delamination.

Moisture that lies on the coatings surface can then penetrate causing delamination. Overtime this can result in a lifting of the coating, and corrosion in the cases of steel substrates.

Chalking is a naturally occurring process over time, where the paint fades away. However this process can result in the loss of important, additional pigments such as those added to enhance colour or offer UV stability.

Sign of coating failure can be observed as soon as the coating's colour begins to fade, erase, delaminate or, in the case of smooth finished coatings, to blister and spot corrode


In most cases cladding panels can be treated, contingent on the damage not being overly extensive, preserving indefinitely its protective qualities. Our on site operatives will be able to identify all problem areas and will prepare repair, fully cleanse, colour match, and apply protective coating with one of the spraying application methods we provide.



Main contractor review - Cladding coating service

"Duncan Barber Builders LTD appointed Tritec for the redecoration works to the vertical metal wall cladding. Completed coating works was installed to a high standard delivering exactly what was quoted. A special mention to Aaron and the boys on site for being so professional, friendly and communicating well with our site foreman Steve. We will definitely be using Tritec's services again in the future."

Duncan Barber - 26th November 2014

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