SEAMSIL® is a unique flexible silicone remedial system developed by Delvemade Limited in conjunction with GE Silicones, part of the General Electric Company of America. The system, initially developed to solve the problem of cut edge corrosion on steel roofing has now become recognised as the most versatile and effective protection treatment in any situation where exposed metal is subjected to aggressive moisture conditions. For this reason, manufacturers across a variety of industries are specifying SEAMSIL® in the production of fabrications where resistance to corrosion damage is a requirement. Making it a prime metal roof leak repair sealant.

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Metal cladding is one of the most effective and versatile materials when it comes to providing a protective surface for your commercial or industrial properties. It’s designed with protection, aesthetic, and longevity in mind, with the latest technology often guaranteeing a 25-year warranty on many of the available varieties. However, the longevity can be compromised by a variety of issues. Even if you’re covered by a warranty, having to replace entire sheets of roofing can be a huge disruption to your business. One of the greatest concerns is that of cut edge corrosion.

How Tritec use SEAMSIL® cut edge corrossion treatment

Tritec has been providing cladding, guttering, and roofing repair and maintenance solutions with decades of collective experience amongst the team. While some might over sheet to avoid roofing issues, we recognize that taking this option can lead to problems such as added weight, condensation, and the aforementioned inevitability of cut edge corrosion. Instead, we offer a protective solution of planned maintenance to support your existing sheets indefinitely.

Unlike other issues with metal sheet roofing, cut edge corrosion is a design fault of coated metal cladding sheet types. As they are cut to size off the factory roll after having been coated, these sheets have a thin strip of metal which is left entirely uncoated. This becomes the weak link in the chain where issues such as peeling, corrosion, and breakages can occur as sheet movement begins to become a much greater risk.

The process of SEAMSIL® cut edge corrosion

SEAMSIL® is a silicone remedial system used with the intention of providing cover where the risk of corrosion damage is at its highest: on the cut edge. Since then, it has become a versatile option in providing protection wherever exposed metal is at risk of moisture build-ups and corrosion. Once the surface is cleaned, a sealant, basecoat and topcoat are all applied quickly and effectively, drying overnight providing weather conditions are clear.

Why choose SEAMSIL® for cut edge corrosion repairs

Without SEAMSIL® to protect those most vulnerable parts of your metal roofing, it’s not just the cut edges that are at risk of corrosion. This is where peeling of past adhesive coatings begins, and moisture build-up leads to spreading corrosion. Furthermore, as moisture affects the bare metal beneath, this can lead to sheet movements, causing parts of the roofing to expand to the point that the sheets lift up, entirely exposing the interior to the elements. SEAMSIL® seals, encapsulates and protects any areas affected by cut edge corrosion, preventing further deterioration. With its resistance to UV rays, temperature changes, and elastic properties, it can drastically improve the longevity of existing roof sheets.

If you’ve experienced cut edge corrosion or are concerned that your roofing is at risk of it, get in touch with Tritec, a HD Sharman Approved Contractor and request a free quote from us. Our team is fully insured, experienced, and offers a wide range of guarantees on all the work we take. We will help you find whether SEAMSIL® might be the right solution for you and ensure that it’s applied in a timely and professional manner.


SEAMSIL® Cut Edge Corrosion - Aylesbury

"We have been using Tritec to complete all our HD Sharman works for a number of years. They've recently completed our SEAMSIL® cut edge corrosion project at ODEON, Aylesbury, to their usual high standard. Continue the good work chaps."

Mick Duffy - Mick Duffy Roofing Contractors

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