HD Sharmans are widely known throughout the building contractors industry for providing one of the most effective coatings that delivers the very best in high performance, UV and corrosion resistant technology. HD Sharmans offer exceptional products with Tritec bringing a great team that provides project management on every job carrying out surveys at every stage of the works and supplying site reports.

Every project involving one of the HD Sharmans systems comes with a HD Sharmans guarantee that is only awarded on successful completion of the installation to specification. The board of directors at Tritec have a long standing relationship with HD Sharmans and as HD Sharmans Approved Contractors we guarantee to provide the highest standards of work due to our in depth knowledge of their products gained through 15 years on site experience.

As a HD Sharmans approved applicator and a supplier of the Girosil Silicone systems: coatings that provide both UV and corrosion resistance for commercial cladding and roofing. Our team of highly qualified HD Sharmans approved contractors are officially recognised by the company, thanks to our longstanding 15-year relationship. As a result, all our Tritec engineers are fully qualified to carry out work on metal roofing, guaranteeing a professional finish every time.

Leading HD Sharmans approved contractors in the UK

As HD Sharmans approved applicators, we’re able to take on all sorts of problems that you may be having with your metal commercial roofing and cladding. Cut Edge Corrosion occurs when a design fault in the manufacturing of metal roofing or cladding leads to corrosion in and around metal edges where the protective coating has failed. Not only can cut edge corrosion look unsightly, but it can also result in structural issues if left untreated.

Why choose HD Sharmans approved contractors?

Thanks to a long standing relationship with HD Sharmans, our approved contractors are able to quickly solve cut edge corrosion issues to protect your plant and equipment from further weather damage. We use the latest sealing technologies to plug the gap, ensuring that your business premises remain rust-free.

Qualified work at height contractors

You don’t want just anybody working at height on your premises. You need people with the skills and equipment to work safely and get the job done quickly. At Tritec, as HD Sharmans approved applicators, all our technicians are qualified to work on any of your metal roofs or cladding, helping to maintain and repair them quickly and efficiently.

Seamsil with Girosil

HD Sharmans supply the very best UV and corrosion-resistant materials for coating roofs and cladding. Seamsil is a type of flexible silicone provided by HD Sharmans in the UK and Europe. Not only does it help prevent cut edge corrosion steel roofing, but it’s now also considered an effective treatment for metal wherever it is exposed to the elements. Seamsil helps to prevent moisture damage and has an incredibly long life thanks to being almost impervious to variations in weather and temperature.

Girocote wall cladding is a type of re-coating material that is proven to be relatively low-odour and environmentally-friendly. It is applied to cladding by spray or brush over existing steel protection and provides a beautiful, clean finish. Tritec, as HD Sharmans approved contractors, work with these products, and others, to deliver stunning results on your premises every time.

More than 15 years of on-site experience as HD Sharmans approved applicators

You expect only the highest quality service from approved contractors. That’s why we’ve worked hard for the past 15 years to develop our standards and increase our knowledge of products through our on-site experience. The HD Sharmans guarantee is awarded only upon successful completion of installation to HD Sharmans’s exacting standards.



Review from HD Sharmans

"After over 20 years proven service Seamsil from HD Sharmans continues to be the only effective treatment for cut edge corrosion and profiled steel roofs. A successful installation relies both on technical knowledge and a skillset drawn from training and experience. This allows the development of valuable team driven commitment, such as consistently demonstrated by Tritec Building Contractors Ltd, to be recognised within the HD Sharmans qualified applicator network."

Chris Brandrick - Technical Director HD Sharmans Technology Ltd - 13th February 2014

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