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Tips for Maintaining Metal Cladding | Infographic

Have you ever thought of a commercial building with unmaintained cladding? Nightmare isn’t it?

Well, no more of that! Here are some handful of maintenance tips for maintaining the cladding make your commercial building look picture perfect. We as commercial roofing and cladding contractors offer a variety of cladding option for your needs. But maintaining them could sometimes result in potential costly repairs. To avoid this situation, you need to take care of the claddings. Metal cladding proves to be cheaper in terms of maintenance. The tips mentioned in the infographics can surely turn out to be savage!

Always trim away any branches and bushes to avoid scratching of cladding, also clean the stains and dirt to keep it pleasant looking. Maintaining the cladding yearly can also result in reduced chances of scratching, scuffing, denting and galvanic corrosion. You need to inspect the cladding to understand if there are parts where you need replacements as damaged or rusted cladding can be whole of a risk.

If you’d like to know more about how your metal claddings can be maintained to its best, get in touch with us today. Tritec is among the top cladding companies that offer wall cladding sheets. But we are not limited to cladding contractors. Our other services include anti-corrosion treatment, gutter cleaning and lining, cladding cleaning and replacement, roof coating and replacement.

tips for metal cladding

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