As cut edge corrosion specialists, the Tritec team carry out cut edge corrosion treatment, an enevitable part of having Metal Roofing Sheets. The machine cut edges to the sheets, which eventually peels back the paint away from the metal substrate, being exposed to the elements causing cut edge corrosion. How you manage this is extremely important, left untreated will cause very costly remedies in the future.

The UK's Cut Edge Corrosion Specialists

Tritec can offer the best cut edge corrosion treatments as leading, heavily experienced, cut edge corrosion specialsits in the UK. Comprehensive guarantees are supplied as standard on all treatments installed by our team.


What is Cut Edge Corrosion?

Cut edge corrosion develops 99% of the time on cladded roofs and in some instances on vertical cladding panels. Over time the machine cut edges on the sheets are the most vulnerable to the natural elements. The process begins with the Plastisol or PVC coating peeling back from the metal substrate, exposing it to air and water causing erosion.

Roof Treatments by Cut Edge Corrosion Specialists

The areas where cut edge corrosion can be commonly found is on leading gutter edges, intermediate lap joint and ridge and hip joints. Overlapped joints remain especially vulnerable due to the effects of capillary reaction drawing sulphur contaminated rainwater into the joint causing the double hazard of 'topside' and 'reverse' side corrosion.


A member of our team will survey and assess the extent of the condition of the cut edge and conclude the best solution and treatment.

Preparation is carried out to manufacturers specification. Generally abrading corroded surface back to a Swedish Std 3 removing corrosion, flakes, loose materials etc leaving clean and dry.

A base coat / primer will be applied to prepared surfaces allowing 24 hours to cure.

With some systems overlapping joints are sealed with a sealant unincorporated with the base coat / primer.

Finished with a colour matching topcoat encapsulating all base coat / primer.

benefits of cut edge corrosion roof treatments


Principal Contractor review on Tritec

"I have worked with Tritec for over 3 years now, with them being our primary Giromax and roof coatings contractor. They are without a doubt the best and most efficient contractor I have used. Their work is always to the highest standard of workmanship and their management team always produce a fast and reliable tender return. I are happy to recommend them to any one of our contractors or anyone who wishes to enquire about their services."

Terry Prokopcruik - 25th October

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