HD Sharmans Architectural Delcote Roof Coating

DELCOTE® is a silicone coating designed for re-coating roof and wall cladding substrate including masonry, concrete, asbestos cement, polyurethane foam and most painted or unpainted metals.

It is the ideal product for reinstating a protective coating to profiled metal cladding where its standard 200 micron application will provide protection equal to or better than the original coating.

If you’re looking for a way to protect either your walls or cladding on your premises, then look no further than Delcote Roof Coating. This silicone-based product is sprayed directly onto roof and wall cladding substrates, including painted metal, unpainted metal, concrete, masonry, asbestos cement, and polyurethane foam to provide enhanced protection against the elements, including resistance to water.

The benefits of delcote roof coating

Can Be Used With Seamsil 100 Cut Edge Repair

Seamsil - a silicone-based product supplied by HD Sharman - is used to prevent corrosion of adjoining metal pieces on roofs and cladding. We can use Delcote roof coating in conjunction with Seasil to both prevent and repair damage to your premises.

Delcote roof coating is durable

Delcote roof coating is extremely durable. Independent tests show that it can last for more than 20 years, meaning that once the work is done, your business can stop worrying about corrosion of premises for decades.

UV and temperature resistant

Cladding and roofing substrates, like metal and masonry, can become damaged over time by the sun’s UV rays. Delcote roof coating, when applied to the surface, scatters harmful ultraviolet light, preventing it from causing damage to roofing or cladding materials, enabling them to keep their youthful appearance for longer.

No primer required for Delcote

Non-proprietary protective coatings often require a primer to get them to stick to cladding and roofing materials. But Delcote doesn’t, except in rare circumstances. This means that it can be quickly and easily applied to your premises in a matter of hours, rather than requiring work over multiple days.

Proven To Protect Metal From Corrosion Over The Long Term

Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, Delcote is excellent at resisting water corrosion of underlying metals and facilitating flow away from the roof. Its naturally low-resistance surface means that it prevents the buildup of standing water, preventing water from having an opportunity to do damage.

Provides A Breathable Membrane For Use With Concrete And Asbestos Surfaces

Some substrates, like concrete and asbestos, need a breathable membrane to function correctly. Delcote does precisely this, giving you a coating that is suitable for both of these types of surfaces to industrial specifications.

Delcote coatings stop cut-edge erosion

Cut edge erosion, where water corrodes metal cladding and roofing at the point where adjacent sheets join, is a major problem for businesses all over the country. Not only is erosion unsightly for customers and employees, but it can also cause the metal to eventually fail, leading to leaking and a host of other structural problems. However, with Delcote from Tritec, you can wave goodbye to the common problem and eliminate any cut edge corrosion you may be suffering from.

As leading building contractors, we will get your roof looking as good as new.

Approved Delcote Contractors

At Tritec, we’ve got more than 15 years of experience helping customers like you repair their cladding and roofing using Delcote products. Our professionals are all work-at-height certified and trained to work in a professional, efficient manner.

If you need Delcote roof coating, get in contact with our expert team today to find out more.



Cut edge corrosion review - Aylesbury

"We have been using Tritec to complete our work for a number of years. They've recently completed our cut edge corrosion project at ODEON, Aylesbury, to their usual high standard. Continue the good work chaps."

Mick Duffy - Mick Duffy Roofing Contractors

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