Our roof cleaning service is a great cost saving solution for our clients.

We use specialised techniques such as high pressure jet washing, low pressure steam jets, blast cleans, and hand washing.

A member of our roof cleaning contractors team will visit your site and specify the correct technique to be utilised based on the existing condition of the roof and particularly the adhesion qualities of the existing coating.

Newer build type roofs only tend to show early signs of cut edge corrosion, the rest of the coating will still be of a good quality condition and this is where roof cleaning services should be used.

Roof Cleaning Service


Older building roofs will usually show signs of chalking, mechanical damage and UV degradation to the coating and may require metal roof sheet replacement instead of cleaning.

Our site survey will detail the best solution for you based on our experience as roof cleaning contractors for over 10 years.

Our roof cleaning services are a great benefit to any business with extending the life of your roof and improving the look of the building.

It is very important to maintain your roof to save the future costs.


#1 - Commercial roof cleaning can save costs

Cleaning your own roof can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive.

You’ll need to purchase a lot of equipment and you’ll need some basic gear such as a ladder and an extra pair of hands to ensure that you can safely climb up to your roof in order to clean it.

Cut out those extra costs by hiring us as your cleaning contractor of choice and you’ll get a fixed price that is easy to budget for and free of hidden costs.

#2 - Industrial roof cleaning extends the life of roof

Industrial roofing can be expensive to replace.

So why not get it cleaned if you want to extend its lifetime?

Hiring us as your cleaning contractor will ensure that your roof is cleaned properly so that dirt, moss and grime have no chance to spread and grow.

Instead, you’ll get a completely clear roof that looks amazing and is well-protected from further damage.

#3 - Improves the appearance of your building with our roof cleaning service

No one likes the look of a dirty roof filled with moss and grime.

It looks unsightly, it makes your home look terrible and it also causes premature degradation of your roof.

Instead of living with a nasty roof that you’re ashamed of, hire us as your contractor of choice and we’ll ensure that your roof looks clear and fantastic to improve your home’s curb appeal and give you peace of mind.

#4 - Commercial roof cleaning is an easy process

There’s nothing to worry about when you hire us as your chosen contractor.

Simply give us a call and tell us about your needs, then we’ll happily give you a quote.

Once we’ve settled on a price and the services you need, we’ll book an appointment and be over on the day to help you clean your roof.

You don’t have to worry about anything else–we’ll handle all of the hard work.

#5 - Roof cleaning services add value to your building

Don’t forget that a clean roof can help to improve the appearance of your building, thus adding to the overall value of your property.

This is fantastic if you’re planning to sell your home in the future or if you just want to boost your property value.

For property developers and house flippers, clearing the roof can be a cheap and affordable way to add a bit of extra value to your home before you list it.


We also offer an extensive range of maintenance packages that are designed to keep your roof looking great.

If you can’t access your roof to give it the occasional polish or clean then we’ll be happy to assist.

Simply speak with our advisors and we’ll be happy to arrange a personalized maintenance package that is tailored to you.




S.C Lindridge Building Services

"S.C Lindridge Building Services Ltd have had a working relationship with the directors of Tritec stretching over 15 years. Tritec are considered as our main and only roof cleaning contractors that we consider for completing our roofing and cladding projects. Having completed a vast amount of jobs on sites like Next, Royal Mail, Boots etc we have complete faith in their reliability to complete another high quality job."

Stewart Lindridge - 16th May 2016

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