DELCOTE® HPG is an elastomeric membrane, with vapour breathable properties suitable for application as a protective weatherproofing coating to completely coat the gutter surface. It has excellent elastic and flexible properties to withstand normal surface movements and is unaffected by UV or extremes of weather and temperature.

UV makes coatings hard and brittle, limiting their ability to expand and contract resulting in loss of adhesion. DELCOTE® is completely and naturally resistant to sunlight and UV radiation, ensuring enduring flexibility and adhesion. DELCOTE® HPG repels surface water promoting flow and discouraging the formation of ponding and standing water.

DELCOTE HPG Gutter Refurbishment

Why Delcote HPG gutter refurbishment is the experts choice

The effectiveness of the guttering is not dependent on a fixed rate of deterioration like most roofing and cladding solutions. Rather, the effectiveness and longevity can be determined by a range of factors such as debris, plant residue, temperature changes, and impacts. DELCOTE ® HPG is liquid applied silicone membrane applied to the gutter to provide a coating fit for the majority of commercial gutter and rainwater systems, whether metal, concrete or asbestos. It provides a layer of protection against clogging debris, surface movements, UV rays, and changing temperatures.

How Tritec helps with our Delcote HPG experience

Tritec is an approved contractor with a close relationship with the leading manufacturers of coating systems that have carried out hundreds of projects for commercial clients. Let us offer you our independent advice and help you see if DELCOTE HPG is the right choice for you.

The problem Delcote Solves

Commercial and industrial guttering can oftentimes be neglected, which leads to issues such as leaks, blockages, and corrosion. These problems can extend to the interior of the building once guttering starts to overflow. A thorough cleaning of the gutter will help and is part of our process. However, to stop the repeated need for frequent cleanings the right coating has to be applied.

The process of applying Delcote

DELCOTE HPG is applied to existing guttering systems without any need for priming. We begin by making sure existing surfaces are suitable for coating with a quick adhesion test. Then we ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of corrosion as well as any previous coating residue. We apply in conjunction with Seamsil® 300 gutter joint repair if needed to make sure the guttering. Once that’s done, the application of DELCOTE HPG is a straightforward process for our experienced contractors, using two coats to maximize coverage and thickness while keeping its breathability and elastic properties.

Why choose DELCOTE ® HPG

All gutters need the protection of a tough coating and choosing the right product for a cover, whether it’s new or a replacement, can dramatically impact its reliability. With a life expectancy of over twenty years proven through repeated use, DELCOTE ® HPG is one of the most reliable products on the market.

Where it stands apart, however, is in its complete resistance to sunlight and UV rays. Both factors can alter coatings over time, making them hard and brittle which can result in a lot of adhesion between the coating and guttering. That means less effective protection. The resistance to those elements keeps the coating flexible, adhesive and enduring. With it, your gutters will be protected, both against surface movements as well as being weatherproof.

All members of our team are fully trained and certified in the application HD Sharman products including DELCOTE ® HPG and Seamsil® 300 gutter joint repair. They are proven, fully-insured contractors with a reputation to upkeep, offering guarantees for all our services. Whatever your needs, we will help you assess and come up with the right solution for the job, whether it’s DELCOTE ® HPG or something else. From quotes to turnaround times, we provide solutions in a manner that suits your needs above all else.



Review on HPG Delcote Gutter Refurbishment

"We contacted HD Sharman for an approved contractor to carry out our HD Sharman works, Tritec was the contractor they put forward to us. Tritec was very professional in quoting in a timely manner and their attention too with the HD Sharman works was very impressive. The new coating to the roof and the gutter has made a real impression on our client. Great job!"

Nick - Faircloth Construction

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