Delglaze is a high performance, high build, single component moisture curing aliphatic polyurethane coating that cures to provide a clear, tough membrane principally for the re-coating and sealing of aged and weathered grp rooflights. Fully cured Delglaze provides a tough clear elastomeric coating with crack bridging capabilities that can also be used on a wide range of common building components such as concrete, glass, grp and ceramic tiling.

Delglaze is based on a unique blend of polyurethane resins to produce a coating, which provides a tough durable finish with a high degree of impact, erosion and weather resistant properties. Delglaze is simple and easy to use straight from the can by roller or brush application.

If the rooflights on your premises are looking a little worse for wear, then they may need to be refurbished. Delglaze is a type of polyurethane-based resin that can be applied to GRP, plastic and glass rooflights, as well as ceramic tiling, to improve the robustness of ageing rooflight components.

Our Delglaze rooflight refurbishment can transform tired-looking, cracked rooflights into good-as-new, increasing their longevity and saving your business money on maintenance and repairs in the future.

Delgaze is easy to apply and can be painted directly onto rooflights with a brush or sprayed with a spraycan. The tough resin fills cracks, providing a sturdy and durable surface which is resistant to physical impact as well as the weather and water erosion. We have dozens of happy customers who have all benefited from quick, cost-effective rooflight renovations.

Delglaze refurbishment solution for difficult to replace roofing elements

Some roofing elements, especially those on asbestos-based roofs, are challenging to replace. If you don’t want to go to the cost of replacing an asbestos roof or plastic sheets on the roof, then Delglaze offers an attractive solution. A single coat is often enough to refurbish ageing roofing components without replacing the entire structure.

At Tritec, we understand that you want roofing refurbishments that are quick to minimise disruption to your workflow. This is part of the reason why we prefer to use products like Delglaze. Delglaze is easy and quick to apply, meaning that disruption to your internal activities is kept to a minimum.

Delglaze coating translucent roofing system

Our experts know that not all rooflights are made of the same material. Fortunately, Delglaze can be applied to substrates including GRP, PVC and polycarbonate, meaning that our refurbishment will work with practically any translucent material on your premises. Just call us for more details.

No primer required for Delglaze

Another reason Tritec prefers Delglaze is the fact that it allows for primer-less adhesion on most conventional building materials. Just two coats are usually enough to bring ageing building components up to date, making them water and UV-resistant and increasing the longevity of your buildings. This means that we can quickly get the job done without causing any disruption to your place of work.

Brilliant finish on a budget when using Delglaze

If you’re on a budget but desperately need rooflight repairs, then Delglaze rooflight refurbishment from Tritec is what you need. Not only is Delglaze relatively cheap to apply, but it also prevents you from having to replace ageing translucent roof panels.

Talk to us about our Delglaze services

At Tritec, we take customer satisfaction extremely seriously. That’s why all our work comes with the HD Sharman supplier guarantee. Our professionals are highly trained to work-at-height and are always professional in their conduct. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping businesses like yours find cost-effective ways to refurbish their ageing rooflights for less than replacing them with new materials. We can work on a wide variety of materials, depending on your particular requirements.

If you need to find out more about how Delglaze could help you, get in touch with one of our friendly experts now for more information.

Delglaze Rooflight Refurbishment



Review on Delglaze Rooflight Refurbishment

"The refurbishment of the rooflights had been requested by our client on our project in Bishops Stortford. With Tritec already applyig the roofcoat, they suggested to us that Delglaze would be the best solution for the rooflights. The end finish to the rooflights was brilliant whilst also saving our client some cost on the budget."

Chris Gladding - Bishops Stortford

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