GIROCOTE® metal cladding refurbishment offers a mid-sheen, low odour, emissions compliant coating designed for spray or brush application over existing Plastisol and PVDF (Pvf2) / Polyester coated steel to provide aesthetically pleasing and enhanced protection for the refurbishment and redecoration of profiled metal wall cladding panels. On weathered factory coatings, it can be spray applied in one coat or brush / roller applied in two without the need to prime.

Girocote steel cladding is a system utilising an anticorrosive, high opacity primer / finish for the renovation of profiled metal wall cladding, giving an enhanced life and an aesthetically pleasing mid-sheen finish available in a wide range of RAL and British Standard colours.

Girocote metal cladding refurbishment

Why We Recommend Girocote Metal Cladding Refurbishment

If you have pre-coated steel cladding installed on the walls of your commercial property, you may have concerns about the longevity of them and how long you can continue to use them before needing a replacement. Full replacements can be costly, but you can prevent them with the right choice of metal cladding refurbishment. It offers protection, a pleasant aesthetic, and large long-term saves to the client.

How Tritec helps with Girocote

Tritec is an established cladding solutions provider started with over a decade of past industrial and commercial work, not to mention close relationships with providers such as GIROMAX, suppliers of GIROCOTE®. We have helped hundreds of clients find and apply the perfect solutions to wall cladding protection, roofing, and guttering problems. As approved appliers, we are best suited to working with our clients to offer only the top-quality products, professional applications of said products and a comprehensive and clear service.

The problem that Girocote solves - cladding refurbishment

Metal wall cladding is a resilient, long-lived material perfect for industrial and commercial needs. However, without the right cladding protection, it is open to risks such as corrosion that can inevitably lead to the need for a total sheet replacement. Whether it’s uncoated or past coating has lost its adhesiveness or started to become brittle, you are in need of cladding refurbishment if you don’t want to have to spend on a complete replacement.

The process for cladding protection

GIROCOTE® is applied to add that extra protection to your metal wall cladding. First of all, we prepare the wall by cleaning it of substrates, moulds, corrosion, and non-adherent materials. Then we carry out an adhesion test to ensure the cladding is suitable for the coating with or without proofing. If it’s not in need of proofing, then the coating is spray applied quickly and easily, offering very little disruption to your business.

Why choose GIROCOTE® steel cladding protection

Following the repainting guidelines of your cladding is essential to ensure it’s kept in good condition for as long as possible. GIROCOTE® offers a fast application, suited for pre-coated cladding or bare metal when used in conjunction with ZP Primer. It offers long-term weatherproofing and enhanced protection often superior to past coatings. Beyond that, it keeps your cladding pleasant with little noticeable odour and a selection of different RAL and BS colours to suit the aesthetic needs of the building.

Recoating your metal cladding is essential, as dictated in its repainting guidelines. Having served hundreds of commercial and manufacturing clients, Tritec can help you decide how to do this and which products to use, with GIROCOTE® often being the fastest and most reliable solution. Feel free to get in contact with us for a free quote. Our team of highly experienced, ensured contractors are guaranteed to help you find a solution and can ensure a turnaround in a timely manner with professional service to go with it.



Review on Girocote

"Malcolm Hollis contacted Tritec Building Contractors Ltd for application of Giromax Girocote to front facade cladding, windows, doors and shutters. The job was completed in very good time and of a high standard."

Shane Lowry - Malcolm Hollis

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