Giromax Girosil® Roofcoat RC

Complete Metal Roof Coating System

Tritec Building Contractors as a Giromax approved applicator of Girosil® Roofcoat RC can provide a complete metal roof sheet refurbishment service extending the lifecycle of commercial roofs by over 20 years*, this service is also a far more economical solution to replacing the existing roof or over sheeting.

Refurbishment of the roof sheets using Girosil® Roofcoat RC is also less intrusive on the end-clients day to day business, being solvent free and a one coat system means that contractors spend less time on site and the client’s business can normally resume as normal.

Giromax Girosil® Roofcoat RC is a primer-less** coating system with adhesion to most substrates, the coating system is fully moisture tolerant and resistant to UV and temperature. Girosil® Roofcoat RC provides a breathable and durable protective elastic barrier that easily accommodates sheet movement. A full metal roof refurbishment system will generally incorporate cut edge corrosion treatments using Giromax Girosil® Edge RC-E.


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Key Benefits of our Giromax Girosil® Roofcoat RC Services

  • Girosil® Roofcoat RC system extends the life cycle of metal commercial roofs by at least 20 years.
  • Girosil® Roofcoat RC roof sheet refurbishment is a far more economical solution to replacing roofs or over sheeting.
  • Not as disruptive as roof replacement meaning that the end client can resume day to day operations.
  • Girosil® Roofcoat RC is Solvent free, releasing no VOC emissions.
  • Girosil® Roofcoat RC repels water, preventing moisture from laying on the surface.
  • Girosil® Roofcoat RC incorporates laminar flake, offering matchless corrosion control.

Tritec Case Studies

Please see some of the projects that we have completed using Giromax Girosil® Roofcoat RC.

J D Sports, Avonmead Retail Park, Bristol

Installation of 1000m2 of Giromax Girosil RC, Brett Martin Triple Skin Rooflights and elevation cladding refurbishment

guarantee-icons Aftercare & Guarantee’s

Please see below what cover is available on our services with Giromax Girosil® Roofcoat RC Services.

  • Giromax 20-Year Product Guarantee.
  • Insurance Back Guarantee.
  • Performance Bond.
  • Tritec Aftercare Package.
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Giromax Girosil® Roofcoat RC Notes

  • This product has a life expectancy of over 20 years.
  • Peel adhesion test should be carried out to ensure the surface to be treated is suitable for application, priming is not generally required unless indicated by the on-site adhesion test.
  • Insurance backed guarantee’s & performance bonds are obtained via third party brokers and underwriters, these must be requested at tender stage and will be chargeable as an additional premium.
  • This service is a supply and install service provided directly by Tritec Building Contractors Ltd, we do not provide product only sales.
  • All services are provided as per our standard terms of business.