GIROSIL® Gutter RC-G Gutter Refurbishment:


GIROSIL® Gutter RC-G is a revolutionary new protective coating system designed to fully treat the gutter through anti-corrosion treatment, joint and substrate encapsulation. It has excellent elastic and flexible properties to withstand normal surface movements and is unaffected by UV or extremes of weather and temperature.

Key Benefits:

Instructions for Use:

GIROSIL® Gutter RC-G should only be applied to substrates that are structurally sound and provide a clean, dry and stable base for re-coating. GIROSIL® Gutter RC-G can be applied by brush or roller to ensure coverage and thickness. Peel adhesion tests should be carried out to ensure the surface to be treated is suitable for application.

UV Resistance:

UV makes coatings hard and brittle, limiting their ability to expand and contract resulting in loss of adhesion. GIROSIL® Gutter RC-G is completely and naturally resistant to sunlight and UV radiation, ensuring enduring flexibility and adhesion.

Easy Clean:

GIROSIL® Gutter RC-G repels surface water and growth, allowing easy cleaning during maintenance periods.

GIROSIL® RC-G Approved Applicators:

Tritec Building Contractors Ltd have been fully trained and approved by Giromax with the task of installing Girosil® RC-G. Loose and flaking coatings, surface corrosion, swarf and debris are completely removed and abraded back to a firm adhered edge, this ensures the substrates are structurally sound and suitable for treatment. Ensuring the surface is completely clean apply Girosil® Basecoat to all prepared surfaces allowing sufficient time to cure and fully seal with Girosil® SE (Gutter Joints) & Girosil® RC-G Topcoat. All in strict accordance to manufacturers specifications.

Girosil RC-G is used in conjunction with the following products:

GIROSIL® BaseCoat: One-part anti-corrosion coating, brush or roller applied onto ST2 prepared steel substrate. Tolerant of damp and humid conditions.

Curing System: Moisture Specific Gravity:  1.1
Min. WFT / DFT: 100 μm / 55 μm Volume Solids 55%
Max. WFT / DFT: 145 μm / 80 μm Theoretical (50mm band): 200 lm / Lt
Application Temp: 0ºc /+35ºc Overcoat Time: 2-3 hrs
Supplied in: 1 & 2.5 Lt VOC: 381 g / Lt

GIROSIL® SE: Gun-grade one-part modified polymer sealant incorporating laminar flake technology. Tooled with RoofCoat RC for lap sealing.

Curing System: Moisture Colour:  Grey
Shore A (Typical): 55 M/ment Accom. ± 70%
Tensile at break: 1.85 N/mm² Elong. at Break: 220%
Application Temp: 0ºc /+35ºc Skin Time@ 20oC 15 mins
Service Temp: -40ºc/+120ºc Cure @ 20oC 2mm/24hr
Supplied in: 310ml tube UV Resistance: Excellent

GIROSIL® RC-G: Brush-grade, one-part solvent free silicone hybrid coating. Moisture tolerant, flexible and UV, temperature and impact resistant.

Curing System: Moisture Colour:  Various
Shore A (Typical): 55 Volume Solids 100%
WFT / DFT: 500 μm Theoretical Coverage: 2 m 2/ Lt
Application Temp: 0°c /+60°C Skin Time @ 20°C 2-4 hours
Service Temp: -40ºc/+120ºc Cure Time @ 20°C 16 hours
Supplied in: 15 Lt VOC: 0 g / Lt


Review on Girocote

"Malcolm Hollis contacted Tritec Building Contractors Ltd for application of Giromax Girocote to front facade cladding, windows, doors and shutters. The job was completed in very good time and of a high standard."

Shane Lowry - Malcolm Hollis

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