HD Sharmans Delglaze® – Rooflight Refurbishment System

Rooflight Refurbishment System

HD Sharmans Delglaze® rooflight repair system is a long established rooflight treatment which is tried, tested and has been the system of choice for many years.

Delglaze® is formulated with a unique blend of polyurethane resins that produces a tough durable finish resistant to erosion and weather, it cures to a translucent elastomeric membrane which has a degree of impact resistance. Delglaze® has crack bridging capabilities and primer-less adhesion to most common products including concrete, glass and ceramic tiling.

Tritec Building Contractors are approved applicators of HD Sharmans Delglaze® and can complete full rooflight coating refurbishment, extending the lifecycle of commercial GRP, Polycarbonate and PVC rooflights. Overtime the protective gel originally factory applied on the rooflights wear away, leaving the rooflight substrate opaque and prone to crack and leaks. Tritec can brush apply the Delglaze® coating to give rooflights a new lease of life and fully backed with HD Sharmans 10-year product guarantee.


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Key Benefits of our HD Sharmans Delglaze® Rooflight Refurbishment Services

  • HD Sharmans Delgalze® rooflight treatment extends the life cycle of commercial rooflights by at least 10 years*.
  • HD Sharmans Delgalze® rooflight treatment is far more cost effective and less disruptive than full rooflight replacement.
  • HD Sharmans Delgalze® rooflight treatmen extends the life of GRP, PVC and Polycarbonate rooflights.
  • HD Sharmans Delgalze® has primer-less adhesion to building products such as glass, GRP and ceramic tilling.
  • HD Sharmans Delgalze® rooflight treatment is quick to apply, without disruption to internal activities.
  • HD Sharmans Delgalze® rooflight treatment provide a electrometric coating with crack bridging capabilities.

Gutter Refurbishment Notes

  • This product has a life expectancy of over 10 years.
  • Insurance backed guarantee’s & performance bonds are obtained via third party brokers and underwriters, these must be requested at tender stage and will be chargeable as an additional premium.
  • HD Sharmans single point guarantee is available on request and will be charged as an additional premium over and above the works package.
  • This service is a supply and install service provided directly by Tritec Building Contractors Ltd, we do not provide product only sales.
  • All services are provided as per our standard terms of business.

guarantee-icons Aftercare & Guarantee’s

Guarantees & Bonds Available with HD Sharmans Delglaze® Rooflight Refurbishment Services:

  • HD Sharmans 10-Year Product Guarantee.
  • HD Sharmans 25-Year Single Point Warranty.
  • Insurance Backed Guarantee.
  • Performance Bond.
  • Tritec Aftercare Package.
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