Keuhne and Nagel, Midpoint Park


Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd


Keuhne and Nagel, Midpoint Park, Birmingham, B76 IBL


Tritec were successful in their tender for the Giromax works.

project value


Tritec's name was put forward by Giromax to Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd to tender for the Seamsil 100 cut edge corrosion and HPG Delcote Gutter lining works. All works had to be carried out wearing a harness and attached lanyard due to the fragile roof lights not being able to be safely netted. Even though harnesses were required and slows down our productivity we provided extra labour to keep within their tight programme. Works were completed strictly to Giromax's specification and a 10 year guarantee was issued for both the Seamsil and HPG Delcote systems.


"Recommended by Giromax Tritec delivered exactly what we wanted and offered good advice on other extra items to the SOW."