Liquasil Abestoseal – Complete Asbestos

Cement Fibre Roof Refurbishment Services

The Liquasil asbestos roof refurbishment system is made up of three components and is applied to produce a membrane to encapsulate the fibre roof sheets to prevent further deterioration of weathered commercial roofs. Asbestoseal is the only BBA approved asbestos roof coating available on the market that has been purposely made and the first of its kind to be issued with a full latent defect’s insurance guarantee through a roof coatings manufacturer.

Tritec Building Contractors are approved applicator of the Liquasil Abestoseal roof coating system and fully compliant in its successful application with qualification for the guarantees issued by Liquasil. Tritec will thoroughly clean the roof removing all debris and lichen, preparations will include the application of SWT Corrosion Primer to all metal fixings such as hook bolts, this will prevent rust surfacing through the coatings, application of Liquasil’s Non-Sag Sealer which is brush applied to all primed fixings to re-seal failed rubber seals and any small holes and cracks in the fibre roof sheets. When all preparations have been completed then the Asbestoseal coating specifically designed by building surveyors will be applied to encapsulate the roof sheets and extend the life cycle of the roof.


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Key Benefits of our Liquasil Abestoseal Services

  • Liquasil Asbestoseal extends the life cycle of commercial cement fibre and asbestos roof sheets by at least 20 years*.
  • Liquasil Asbestoseal system is a far more cost-effective solution against a full replacement or over-sheet of the roof.
  • Liquasil Asbestoseal is the only BBA approved specialist asbestos roof coating system on the market.
  • Liquasil Asbestoseal prevents the build-up of unsightly moss and lichen growth.
  • Liquasil Asbestoseal is available in any RAL colour, subject to roof size.
  • Liquail Asbestoseal is engineered by chartered building surveyors.

Liquasil Abestoseal Services Notes

  • This product has a life expectancy of over 20 years.
  • Insurance backed guarantee’s & performance bonds are obtained via third party brokers and underwriters, these must be requested at tender stage and will be chargeable as an additional premium.
  • HD Sharmans single point guarantee is available on request and will be charged as an additional premium over and above the works package.
  • This service is a supply and install service provided directly by Tritec Building Contractors Ltd, we do not provide product only sales.
  • All services are provided as per our standard terms of business.

guarantee-icons Aftercare & Guarantee’s

Please see below what cover is available on our services with Liquasil Abestoseal Services.

  • 20 Year Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee on 100m2 or larger.
  • Insurance Back Guarantee.
  • Performance Bond.
  • Tritec Aftercare Package.
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