Liquasil Flexlap

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Liquasil Flaxlap was designed by building surveyors and independently tested by the BBA, Flexlap is the only BBA approved cut edge treatment on the market and is vastly different from any other system. This system is already proven in the marine sector and has been used to treat property in the petrochemical and offshore sector over 15 years with zero failures. In conjunction with Liquasils SWT primer this cut edge corrosion system extends the lifecycle of commercial roof sheets by at least 15 years*, the system provides a 100% UV stable finish any available in any RAL colour.

As a Liquasil Approved Installer Tritec Building Contractors are able to carry out the highly advanced surface preparation techniques to prepare the substrate to bare metal to leave a clean and salt-free finish, due to the system being completely wet tolerant Tritec can even apply this coating to wet substrates significantly reducing downtime in poor weather conditions. Sealing overlapping roof sheets is not normally required with this system as it is designed to treat only the sheets that are affected by cut edge corrosion.

However, if it is necessary to seal the gaps on the overlapping roof sheets or when corrosion is severe or there are signs of water ingress during wet and windy conditions, then Liquasil Lapsil can be applied if specified in advance to address these issues. When applied by Tritec, then the Liquasil full latent defects insurance guarantee is available on successful completion of the works.


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Key Benefits of our Liquasils Cut Edge Corrosion

  • Liquasil cut edge corrosion treatments extend the life cycle of commercial roof sheets by at least 15 years*.
  • Liquasil cut edge corrosion treatments is a far more cost-effective solution against a full replacement of the roof.
  • Liquasil cut edge corrosion treatments is the only BBA approved system on the market.
  • Liquasil cut edge corrosion treatments provide a 100% stable finish.
  • Liquasil cut edge corrosion treatments is available in any RAL colour.
  • Liquasil cut edge corrosion treatments was engineered by chartered building surveyors.

Liquasil Flexlap Services Notes

  • This product has a life expectancy of over 15 years.
  • Insurance backed guarantee’s & performance bonds are obtained via third party brokers and underwriters, these must be requested at tender stage and will be chargeable as an additional premium.
  • This service is a supply and install service provided directly by Tritec Building Contractors Ltd, we do not provide product only sales.
  • All services are provided as per our standard terms of business.

guarantee-icons Aftercare & Guarantee’s

Please see below what cover is available on our services with Liquasil Abestoseal Services.

  • 15 Year Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee
  • Insurance Back Guarantee.
  • Performance Bond.
  • Tritec Aftercare Package.
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