Oxford Brookes University


Elevation Maintenance


Oxford Brookes University, Gypsy Lane, Headington, Oxford, OX3 OBP


Successfully appointed as approved contractor for Liquasil installations.

project value


Elevation maintenance Ltd appointed Tritec for a project they secured at Oxford Brookes University. They contacted Liquasil Head Office to get a contact for their leading approved applicator of Liquasil Metalseal roof coating system. Liquasil supplied Elevation maintenance with Tritec information and once we were contacted gladly quoted for the works which we won. A successful installation of the Liquasil Metalseal system and Liquasil gutter lining system was completed backed with 20 and 10 year guarantees respectively.


"Really great guys. They gave us a lot of information to consider when they were on site. They were able to organise a number of issues and provided some very affordable treatment options."