Rust-Oleum Protective Paint Product Range

Rust-Oleum Protective Paint

Built in 1921 Rust-Oleum has grown into a worldwide provider of decorative and protective paints, for both home and industrial uses. A very familiar business within the paint industry, they offer a vast variety of different products such as lacquers, spray paint, adhesives and what Tritec are particularly interested in is their metal roof coating systems.

A leading distributor of the Rust-Oleum range contacted Tritec to become approved applicators of their Nokyde Anti-Corrosion and Waterproof Protection system. This worked out well for us as a lot of our clients are looking for cleaner and greener systems. The Nokyde system is a waterbased coating which means there is no solvents being released into the atmosphere. It gives us a great option for our clients particularly in the warmer months to be as green as practically possible.