Clifton Road Industrial Estate




Clifton Road Industrial Estate, Cambridgeshire.


Building Fabric Refurbishment / Cladding Decoration.

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The original factory applied plastisol coatings to the steel cladding sheets had started to perished due to years of degradation owing to UV exposure and general weathering. There were hundreds of redundant fixing holes throughout the cladding elevations owing to signage and various other fixings being installed and then removed over the years of occupancy by the tenants. The redundant fixing holes were filled using a two-part body filler, sanded back and then spot primed. Once all filling had been completed the cladding was then washed down to remove all dirt films, bird droppings and other contaminates.

Once all the relevant preparation works had been completed, our operatives masked up all the masonry, windows, doors and other venerable areas within the immediate area to protect them from potential paint over spray. The operatives then applied the coatings in Goosewing Grey to the main body of the profiled cladding sheets via a combination of different application methods which included airless spray, HVLP and roller. Once the main body of the cladding had been coated in grey and fully cured, the trims and unit numbers were coated in a contrasting Sargasso Blue to give the unit a tidy pristine finish and new lease of life ready for potential tenants. Once completed the cladding coating works were issued with a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer.